For over 10 years, CDM has helped over 3500+ professionals and corporations embark on their journeys to digital success.
“Everybody’s looking for something digital now. Without knowing at least the basics of digital, you’ll be eaten up, you will lose.”
Dax knew what he needed to upskill to accelerate his career. Now, as the CCO of Echochannels Philippines, he leads multiple digital campaigns for multiple brands and industries.
“By attending two days in CDM on E-commerce, it gave me the confidence that I can lead my business partners”
When transitioning from being a marketing executive to a mompreneur, Rhoda knew she had to invest in learning new concepts and specialties.
“The relationship we built with CDM is built on trust, collaboration, and partnership.”
Digital transformation is achieved with the right mindset. ABS-CBN has achieved their transformation goals with a mindset of agility, collaboration, and openness to change.


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